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Interview with Ms. Amanda Chaborek of Cleary University

We’re speaking with Ms. Amanda Chaborek, Director of Communications and Community Relations at Cleary University.

Paul: How long has Cleary University been involved in distance learning?

Amanda Chaborek: 1994

Paul: Which programs are 100% online?

Amanda Chaborek: Currently all of our MBA majors except accounting are full distance as is the BBA Business Management full DL. Programs that are new this year and available all online would be the MBA Organizational Leadership, the Graduate Certificate Financial Planning, and the BBA eBusiness Communications.

Paul: Are these programs available nationwide?

Amanda Chaborek: Yes, as well as internationally.

Paul: Is there a requirement for students to visit campus?

Amanda Chaborek: There is no requirement, however, students who would like to attend an on-ground class or any University event such as commencement and homecoming, are more than welcome to.

Paul: In addition to MBA programs, Cleary University also offers a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning online. How many credit hours are required to earn the graduate certificate? Are the graduate certificate courses transferable to the MBA?

Amanda Chaborek: The Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning is equivalent to 24 quarter hours of graduate credit and does apply toward completion of and MBA in Financial Planning. The curriculum for this certificate follows the body of knowledge specified by the CFP Board of Standards.

Paul: What sort of reception has the MBA Green Business Strategy generated?

Amanda Chaborek: The interest has been strong. This is likely due to conditions in Michigan with the auto industry faltering and significant efforts being made to develop a Green Industry related to sustainable business practices, social entrepreneurship, and renewable energy.

Paul: How many credit hours may graduate business students transfer into the MBA program?

Amanda Chaborek: 12 quarter hours

Paul: Can you please share with us any future offerings under development?

Amanda Chaborek: New programs under consideration.

1. Strategic Public Relations

2. Integrated Marketing Communication

3. Innovation/Change Leadership

4. Forensic Accounting

5. Certified Fraud Examiner

6. Informatics Analysis

7. Nonprofit Management BBA

8. New Media Marketing Strategy