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This just in from “The Last Frontier”

May 05, 2009 By: Paul Category: Active Duty Military, Military, Reserve/National Guard, State Colleges and Universities, Tuition 1 Comment →

Military personnel should find the following information useful.  Got a message today from the University of Alaska.  It reads, in part:

…University of Alaska is a military-friendly institution and treats the following students as residents for the purpose of tuition assessment – military personnel on active duty, their spouses and dependent children, regardless of their state residency status, and also members of the National Guard, their spouses and dependent children, regardless of whether they yet qualify as residents of the state under any other requirements.


University of Alaska offers numerous programs — from undergraduate certificates to master’s degrees — via distance learning.

State university non-resident tuition waivers for military personnel

October 01, 2008 By: Paul Category: Active Duty Military, Military, Reserve/National Guard, State Colleges and Universities, Veterans 1 Comment →

Out-of-state tuition waivers provided by state universities are similar to tuition discounts.  Since resident tuition rates are comparatively lower than non-resident rates, one might consider these waivers as equivalent to military tuition discounts.

Three state universities recently appeared on my radar screen that offer out-of-state tuition waivers to active military and, in one notable instance, to retirees, DOD employees, certain veterans, and their spouses.

+ Austin Peay State University

Active duty military personnel stationed outside of Tennessee will be classified out-of-state but will receive an out-of-state fee waivers equal to the amount of out-of-state tuition.

Applicable students: Active duty military stationed anywhere in the world.

Why is Austin Peay State University so attractive? Among many degrees available online, APSU teaches a Master of Arts in Military History.

+ East Carolina University

Active duty military service members and their dependant relatives who qualify for admission to ECU shall be charged the in-state tuition rate and applicable mandatory fees while the member of the armed services is stationed in North Carolina incident to active military duty in this state.

In the event the active duty member of the armed services is reassigned outside of North Carolina, he or she shall continue to be eligible for the in?State tuition rate and applicable mandatory fees so long as he or she is continuously enrolled in the degree or other program he or she was enrolled in at the time reassigned.

Applicable students: Active duty military stationed in North Carolina.

What’s the big deal about East Carolina University9 online bachelor’s degree completion programs with multiple concentrations, 18 online master’s degrees, and 15 online graduate certificate programs.   Oh, and arguably some of the most inexpensive resident tuition rates for an online bachelor’s degree at a 4-year public university in the United States. 

+ University of Oklahoma

The College of Liberal Studies offers a Military Waiver to all Non-Resident students who are affiliated with the military or the Department of Defense (DOD).

Applicable students: Affiliated is the keyword here.  In addition to active duty military, National Guard, Reserve, military retirees, DOD civilians, DOD contractors, and “veterans who served in war zones” qualify for the tuition waiver that is considerably less expensive than the going non-resident rate. Furthermore, spouses of these individuals are also eligible for military tuition waivers.

What makes OU so specialUniversity of Oklahoma Outreach offers two online bachelor’s degrees.  The OU Bachelor of Liberal Studies has four options.  For graduate students, an online Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with three concentrations is available. OU also ranks as a Top National University by US News & World Report. The fact that Sooner football consistently resides in the Associated Press Top-25 polls year-in and year-out speaks for itself so far as name recognition goes.  While writing this post, it is interesting to note that OU currently holds the #1 spot in the AP Top-25.

I’m sure more great opportunities for military personnel are out there.

Non-Lethal Weapons Online

August 07, 2008 By: Paul Category: Active Duty Military, Continuing Education, Military, Reserve/National Guard, State Colleges and Universities, Unique Online Degree or Certificate Comments Off on Non-Lethal Weapons Online

As part of an outreach program with Penn State University College, Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus offers a unique, non-credit certificate program online or via DVD: Non-Lethal Weapons: Policies,  Practices and Technologies.

The cost for the program is normally $299.  Active duty military and National Guard/Reserve may take the certificate program for free.