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Clarification on home study course in bird biology through Cornell University

March 03, 2008 By: Paul Category: Continuing Education, Correction!, Name Recognition, Private Colleges and Universities Comments Off on Clarification on home study course in bird biology through Cornell University

Information accuracy represents one of my major concerns.  Often, it’s very easy to interpret something, and then repeat that certain something by using a perspective which fails to accurately portray reality.  Such is the case here.

Shortly after writing in the February 28 Friday News Roundup about the Home Study Course in Bird Biology offered by Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology, I was pleased to hear from an official with eCornell.  It appears my previous take on program delivery wasn’t exactly on the money, so to speak.  Therfore, with the gentleman’s permission, I’d like to provide more insight by starting with this  important quote. 

“Our program with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a little different from a typical eCornell course – it is based on a textbook-based correspondence course enriched with eCornell-powered online assessments.”

After further researching differences involving course delivery, I stand corrected and wholeheartedly concur.  Based on my own studies, online coursework provides a much richer experience than typically present in text-based counterparts.  Numerous factors — interactivity, graphics, streaming lectures, asynchronous discussions, etc. — set online and text-based courses apart from each other.

Again, a sincere thank you to this official, who is associated with a great Ivy League institution, for responding.


December 26, 2007 By: Paul Category: Correction! Comments Off on Correction

In the Technical Communications table, East Carolina University MA in Technical & Professional Communications program is added.

Two Corrections

December 20, 2007 By: Paul Category: Correction! Comments Off on Two Corrections

1. Under “Technical Communications!“, an undergraduate program through CSU-Dominguez Hills added.

2. Under “Online BBA via AACSB-accredited B-schools, added important information about the BSBA from University of Florida. The previously overlooked testing requirements definitely stops many prospective students from enrolling in the UF BSBA program.